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A Moment in Time

It’s about knowing your gear well enough so you can focus on capturing the right moments in time.  This lasted a couple of eyeblinks.



Missing Out

The longer I do this the more I realize the importance of stopping work (if deadlines permit), leaving something alone then coming back to it with fresh eyes.  I had shot these during a rehearsal for a performance at Miami-Dade College to use them as reference.  They were invaluable but, for some reason, I never went back and actually LOOKED at them as pictures to print.  While working on our dance print portfolio (web is nice but nothing beats a well printed image on quality paper) I found these images and kicked myself not working on them before.

So, lesson learned.  It’s good to be efficient but sometimes it’s good to step away so you don’t miss out on something that speaks to you.


Dancing in the Street

We’ve been fans of the Ballerina Project on Facebook for a year now and, if you’re not familiar with it, go and check it out.  We thought we could give it more of a Miami flair so we came up with a project called “Dancing in the Street” (shout-out to Martha and the Vandellas).

We contacted some of the dancers we’ve photographed in past performances at Miami-Dade College and the New World School of the Arts and decided to go to one of our favorite locations inMiami one morning and photograph them.  The only requirement that we had was that the female dancers could do pointe.  If you don’t know what pointe is, go to and you’ll see what I mean.

We normally like to have an overall structure for our shoots and that’s how things started as we walked to a quiet intersection and the dancers started posing.  But a funny thing happened quickly afterwards: as we would walk up to an area they just started coming up with ideas out of the blue and before you could blink started acting on them.  They all locked into this creativity zone and instead of us directing the action, we were there recording the action.  We could have slowed things down but the energy that all four of these dancers had was amazing and we knew that if we slowed things down to do it “our way” we would have killed that energy and potentially the entire shoot.  The shoot essentially came down to this:

Us: Let’s go this area.

Them: Hey, we can do this!  And this! And this!

Us: OK!

At the end of three hours we were all exhausted but in a good way.  It’s really a great experience to work with extremely creative people who can work well together or individually that you can just let go and trust them to do there part.  Here are some of our favorites from the shoot:


Warmups with a Spectator

We got some scans back today from our recent dance themed photoshoot and this image caught our eye.  Enjoy!

Miami Dance Photographer 1.jpg