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Maritza, the owner of Believe, not only has a large staff that depict various Disney characters for events but also donates its time to children’s hospitals in the Miami area.  One of Maritza’s favorite characters is Tinkerbell and she captures the sassiness and sweetness of the character as she adopts her persona.




Anime Cosplay Session

We recently photographed Maritza, whose company Believe is a not-for profit that sends actors to assume the roles of Disney characters to entertain children in settings ranging from children’s hospitals to private events.  Images of her in various Disney characters will appear on the blog soon, however, Maritza also dabbles in the world of anime cosplay and wanted us to capture the role of Yin, a character in the famous Japanese anime “Darker Than Black”.  It was amazing to watch her transform herself into this character and actually become her.  Here are a few of our favorites.